Roles and Badges

Group admins or moderators are an essential part of an online community. Identify early adopters who will help steward your group!

Group admins can find Roles & Badges in Group Settings. At the top of the "Roles & Badges" section, you will see a section to add the additional moderators you identified in the Hylo Pre-Work to steward your Group. Keep in mind, in order to add a Moderator they will first need to be a member of the group. Moderators have admin privileges in the Group.

To create additional Roles or Badges, click โ€œCreate new role/badge,โ€ and indicate the name, description, and emoji associated with that Role or Badge. Once the Role or Badge is created, you can then attach them to Group members. These roles will appear next to the memberโ€™s name everywhere in the Group.

Examples of how this could be used:

  • โ€œSuper Memberโ€ - signifies members that have made significant contributions to the community

  • โ€œExpertโ€ - subject matter experts who had demonstrated a high level of expertise in a particular topic of area relevant to the group

  • โ€œAmbassadorโ€ - members who help guide and mentor new members in the group

Note: Roles and Badges (with the exception of Moderators) are a title. We will soon be releasing our next iteration of Roles & Badges, which will allow for admis to attach specific responsibilities to a Role/Badge.

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