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Is Hylo Right for My Group?

This document can guide your group determine if Hylo is right for you!
Are you a member of a purpose-driven team? Looking for an easier way to collaborate, communicate, and work towards a common goal with your teammates? Then Hylo is right for you!
Hylo is best suited for communities who want to foster peer:peer collaboration, gathering for a shared purpose. Hylo supports an interconnected and nested group architecture that matches how coalitions actually operate in real life, helping groups evolve in alignment with their vision and values and scale their impact.

Read more about what makes Hylo different here.

Hylo is excellent for:

Purpose-driven groups. Hylo is great for groups with a shared identity and purpose who aim to create positive change in the world.
Networked groups. Hylo works for groups of any size and excels at multi-stakeholder collaboration by making it possible to link groups together to form larger networks.
Place-based groups. Hylo is especially useful for local or bioregional groups that are grounded in place, or composed of members who are connected to the landscape.
Peer-to-peer groups. Hylo is designed for decentralized, bottom-up coordination that is needed at this time in history to address our biggest challenges.
Non-profit organizations. All kinds of non-profits use Hylo to communicate internally as well as with their wider network of members. Hylo is a powerful way to activate your supporters.
Educational content, courses. Groups like Prosocial.World and the Buckminster Fuller Institute have successfully run courses on Hylo. We plan to expand the capacity for groups to run courses by integrating an open-source learning management platform, such as Moodle, sometime in 2022.

See Hylo's Feature Spec here.

Hylo is not for you if:

You're marketing a brand

Are you looking to create a group to market your brand or build a customer base? If so, Hylo is probably not the best tool for you. We will not be building marketing tools, nor ways to monetize your audience. However, we will be building tools for group membership dues and collective resource management.

Your group is profit-driven

Hylo is not funded by VC or other profit-seeking investors. Hylo runs as a non-profit and is resourced through donations and paid partnerships with values-aligned organizations. We’re funded by the communities themselves, and we’re accountable to them to build features that help them meet their purpose, rather than building tools to increase profits.