Creating a Plan for Group Engagement

Group engagement is the level of interaction and activity within Hylo by your members.

Posting Schedule

In the beginning of your Groups journey on Hylo, it can be helpful to coordinate with your other group stewards to make a plan for posting and commenting to build interactions.

Group stewards may want to commit to a posting schedule to ensure that content is regularly posted onto Hylo! Create a content plan and assign dates to specific posts to be posted in the future.

Try using different Posts to familiarize group members with Post types. Utilize topics to categorize content.

Develop an Onboarding Strategy

New member onboarding is one of the most important aspects of an online community. Solidifying a clear new member onboarding process will create a sustainable, engaging experience on Hylo. Here are some things to consider:

  • Create a welcome email to send to new members upon joining Hylo

  • Introduce new members in a post in Hylo

  • Refer new members to a Hylo onboarding video

  • Hold a new member orientation on a weekly or monthly basis where you demo Hylo

  • Create video tutorials using Loom on how to use your Hylo Group

  • Host new member calls

Integrate New Members in your Group

New members may need support in engaging in your Hylo Group. It can be daunting to join a new space and see all the posts, comments, and interactions happening in your Group!

Creating a few posts, emails, and resources in your new member onboarding that facilitate ways for new members to integrate into the community is important.

A great way to get new members to start posting right away is having a pinned β€œIntroduce Yourself” post that has a running comment thread of introductions from every member in your community. This not only allows new members to introduce themselves, but it also gives them a head start in seeking out people with similarities to them.

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