Setting Up Your Group/s on Hylo

Follow this step-by-step guide when you're ready to create your group(s) on Hylo.

You're ready to create your group(s) on Hylo. Note: you will need to have a personal Hylo account set up prior to creating Groups.

Navigate to the Group Menu, by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of your screen. From there, you will see a button for β€œStart a Group." This will open a simple popup where you can set basic group details: Name, Visibility, Access, and Related Groups.

Establish your Group’s Name

Hylo will automatically populate a unique link using the name you establish. You can edit the link if you'd like!

Choose your Privacy Settings

Hylo has two dimensions as it relates to privacy.

Group Visibility

Who do you want to see your group?

  • Protected - Only members of the group or parent groups can see this group.

  • Hidden - Only members of this group or direct child groups can see the group.

  • Public - Anyone can find and see that this group exists and the Group's About page. If a group is tagged as public, it will show up on the public map. Note: While the user can see this group, their ability to join depends on the access settings. (see accessibility)

Group Accessibility

Who can join your groups?

  • Closed: This group is invitation only and is only visible to members of the Parent Group.

  • Restricted: People can request to join this group and must be approved. Note: They can see the group image and description. (See Join Questions)

  • Open: Anyone who can see this group can automatically join it.

You can edit your privacy settings down the road by navigating to Group Settings --> Privacy & Access.

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