Group Agreements

Clear agreements are essential to prosocial coordination and are an important way to establish a group’s culture and norms.

Group agreements shape the culture of your group by helping people to understand what's normal and acceptable. Agreements are presented to members when they are joining a group, and for people who already joined but have yet to agree to a new agreement. People are not able to join a group or see content within a group if they have not agreed to all agreements.

These might include:

  • commitments you’ve made to each other

  • decision-making protocols

  • expectations for participation

  • examples of behavior you want to encourage

  • rules for unacceptable behavior along with consequences for those actions

Good agreements set the vibe for the community and help members understand how to contribute. And like a Code of Conduct, agreements can support an accountability process if a member is behaving in an unhelpful way.

To add an agreement, click on the + icon. Include a Title and Description for each agreement.

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