Moderating Member Posts

Group admins can moderate the stream's content

When clicking the three dots on the top right of any post in your Group. You have four options.

"Pin" a Post

Pinning a post locks it to the top of the Group Stream. It's a great way to make a post's content more visible. When creating a "Welcome Message," we recommend creating a Post with this content and pinning it to the top of the stream, so when new members join, it's the first thing they see.

"Copy" a Post Link

You can copy a link to a Hylo post to share it on your website, blog, etc! Keep in mind, depending on the privacy settings of Group, some folks might not be able to see the content.

"Flag" a Post

Moderatos (and members) can Flag a post for inappropriate content which marks it for review. Other moderators will be notified of the post and its content. You can decide together if it makes sense to remove the post from the stream.

"Remove" a Post

Moderators can delete a Member's post if it goes against community guidelines, is dangerous, offensive, etc. This action is irreversable.

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