Holo <> Hylo

Terran Collective partners with Holo to steward Hylo.

Terran Collective partners with Holo, the makers of Holochain, in stewarding Hylo, a free and open-source community platform for purpose-driven groups.

In late 2019, Holo acquired Hylo (at the time, a for-profit, investor-backed startup) in order to use the codebase and user interface design as a foundation for core app libraries and for sample apps that would run on Holochain cloud hosting marketplace for distributed applications.

In early 2020, Holo released the Hylo codebase under the Apache 2.0 open source license, and made an agreement with Terran Collective granting us the opportunity to maintain and improve the codebase, the currently operating applications, and existing user communities. The original partnership announcement is here. Since then, we've been stewarding Hylo: forming new partnerships with aligned organizations to develop the platform, adding new features, and growing our ecosystem of contributors.

Our intention has always been to fully decentralize Hylo's backend architecture by transferring to Holochain when the time is right. We're excited to see all the progress happening in the Holo ecosystem, and have complete confidence in the revolutionary power of this technology. The specific timing for us depends on both the maturity of Holochain tech and our core team securing the resources to execute this significant engineering task. In the meantime, we are creating and releasing the functionality our current stakeholders need on Hylo in centralized web2 fashion.

We are seeking funding from folx in the Holo ecosystem to support us on our mission to build Hylo on Holo.

We are also seeking Holo/Rust developers who are interested in working with us!

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