Building Engagement in your Group

The purpose of this guide is to support community organizers and stewards in maintaining a thriving online presence for their groups/communities.
This is our top advice for a thriving group: An online community is just like a garden -- it needs care and attention to thrive. Hylo is designed to help you build engagement and collaboration in your community. However, if you've never built a community online before, it can seem daunting. That being said, by engaging in a few simple activities regularly, your group can thrive and collectively take action together toward your goals

What is a Group Moderator?

Moderators are community organizers or group leaderswho are the visionaries of the community. They determine its mission, vision, and values and set the ‘container’ or dynamics of the group. They serve as group stewards, responsible for maintaining this container as outlined by group leaders, for safety, clarity of purpose, and meaningful collaboration.
The role of a moderator expands beyond group administration, as they facilitate cooperation, and serve as guides or examples of good behavior. They moderate content, welcome new members, build engagement, and provide feedback to users to promote positive interactions between members of the online community. In addition, they are responsible for handling content that is flagged as inappropriate and upholding group guidelines.
Community organizers and moderators can be distinct roles within a group or be served by the same individual.