❤️Our Values

We embed our values at every level of the stack.

The Hylo stewardship team draws from these design principles in developing the platform, and we use them to guide us in making the best decisions possible to care for it.

  • Seven-generation care — We are building tools for long-term planetary thriving. This is an infinite game that goes beyond our lifetimes. We hope our work today will make life easier for our children's grandchildren. We do this work as an offering to the communities of the future; to fulfill our responsibility to be good ancestors.

  • Relationship-centered design — We work in deep partnership with our stakeholders, optimizing for trust and relationship-building with every community this work touches.

  • Transparency — Hylo is open source and our code, operations, finances, and governance are open to all.

  • Interoperability — We use, contribute to and create open standards and protocols wherever possible, and work to integrate with as many existing platforms as we can, especially those which are also open source and values aligned.

  • Privacy and participant sovereignty — We will never sell your data or share it without your explicit request. You can export and delete your data as you wish. As our work on interoperability progresses, Hylo participants will have the freedom to import content from other platforms and push content elsewhere, as you see fit.

  • Inclusivity — We are committed to ensuring these tools are shaped by and serve diverse communities. Hylo will be accessible to all by remaining free to use in perpetuity. Our vision for inclusion includes support for low-bandwidth connections, international languages, accessibility standards, and usability for people with various degrees of technical aptitude.

  • Collective stewardship — Hylo is already developed in deep partnership with our participants and partners. The core stewardship team practices consent-based collective decision-making to care for the platform. We look to a future where Hylo participants have a formal voice in governing the platform. As we work toward this future, we are inspired by Prosocial, sociocracy, the web3 community, and wisdom traditions from around the world.

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