Customizing Your Group in Group Settings

Once your group is created, navigate to the right side of the screen and click “Group Settings” to customize your group. We highly recommend fully customizing your group to make it as awesome a space

Add a Group Avatar Image and Banner Image

Your logo or a simple graphic is best for the group avatar. A nice photo works well for the banner image. These images help the Group feel more like a home!

Purpose Statement

Add a concise summary of why your group exists and what you hope to accomplish. A clear and specific purpose statement helps align members of your group to coordinate effectively to achieve your goals.


Fill out a detailed Description, so everyone knows what the group is all about.

About Video URL

Do you have a YouTube or Vimeo video about your group? You can add a link here to embed this video in your Group's About Page.

Add a Group Location and Adjust Location Privacy

Add a Location - this will make your group appear on the Map. If your Visibility is Public, people on Hylo will be able to easily find you on Hylo's Map and request to join your group! If you are a virtual group, you can skip this step.

Moderators can adjust their location privacy/obfuscate their location on the map. Options are:

  • Precise (show exact location)

  • Near (show location offset by a slight amount)

  • Region (don't show a location on the map at all, shows only city, region & country).

Group Display Names

Group moderators can specify the nouns that are specific to their operation. Perhaps you refer to Moderators as Group Admins or Group Stewards! Here is where you will change that nomenclature, which will be reflected in your Group's context.

Relevant Skills and Interests

What is your group’s purpose? Are there relevant skills or interests you want to know about members? This is a section to share the skills and interests most relevant to your group. When a member requests to join your group or is invited, they will see a popup of these skills and interests. You can require that new members fill out their skills and interests so you can get to know each other better.

Add a Group Shape

Moderators can draw a geospatial shape/polygon to indicate the bounds of their land or operation on the map. Keep in mind, the shape you draw will only show on the map if a location has been set! 1. Set the location of your land 2. Click on the pencil icon in the upper left corner and begin drawing the boundaries of your land by clicking on the bound and moving the cursor around the border and continuing the click on the map until the shape is drawn 3. Once the shape is drawn, double-click to set the boundaries 4. Click Save Changes 5. To edit your shape, click on the shape and click the X on the left side of the map

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