๐Ÿ‘พOnboarding your Group

So you've decided to set up your group on Hylo. This is a big moment!

Before you jump into Hylo, letโ€™s map your purpose, agreements, and network landscape. When you start with a clear invitation that lets people know what they're getting into, people show up ready to collaborate! After we clarify the invitation, you can enroll your group members in developing shared culture, values, priorities, and structure.

It's also OK if you don't have it all figured out ahead of time, letโ€™s walk through it together

Step One: Know Your Group/s

  • Use this Spreadsheet to map out your Group structure, as we go through the next steps.

  • This is the foundation of your community! Spend a little extra time here mapping out your Groups to ensure that your members have an amazing experience.

  • Consider making this process a collaborative effort with your groupโ€™s founding members.

Step Two: Identify your Group's Purpose

It's important to identify a groupโ€™s purpose and create a mission statement outlining your communityโ€™s goals. This will be a central pillar of collaboration within your group, articulating the culture of your community, and the value of being a part of it. Get as specific as you can!

Users want want to know:

  • What is this community about?

  • What do I do here?

  • What is our common thread?

Once you have this information, drop it into the Spreadsheet.

If you need help in identifying your Group Purpose, check out our Community Stewardship Support Program.

Step Three: What are your Group Agreements?

Identify your values, priorities, and how you will treat each other. You don't have to have it all figured out, but it's a good idea to develop agreements early in your group's life. We lean on the Prosocial framework which is designed to support groups in aligning interests and achieving their goals.

Step Four: What is the Landscape of your Group Ecosystem?

Prior to setting up Groups on Hylo, Group moderators should identify the landscape of a Group's ecosystem. For example, is your Group a singular entity or does your group contain several working groups/small pods? How do different parts of your group connect and relate to each other?

A unique function of Hylo is the nested network structure, allowing groups to be nested in other groups, creating a larger network of groups.

Step Five: Identify Group Stewards

Identify the early adopters who will help steward your group! Group stewards or moderators are an essential part of an online community, determining its purpose, vision, and values, and setting the 'container' or dynamics of the group.

Bring these organizers and leaders together to co-create the foundation of your group and maintain a thriving community on Hylo. You can read more about Group Moderation here.

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