Building Group Engagement

Build a thriving, engaged Group on Hylo!

Building Engagement

To build engagement, set aside at least 20 minutes a day to create new posts, welcome new members, invite your champions to post, and respond to other members' posts.

A rule of thumb for building engagement is that every new post should get a comment from you, or one of your members, even if it’s just a request for clarification. People generally post hoping to get responses, and if they don’t get responses, they usually won’t stick around for long.

Commenting on Posts

An essential part of creating engagement is commenting on posts. Model this behavior by commenting on posts created by other individuals. Tag relevant group members in your comments and

Model the behavior you want to see within your group

You and your champions will model the types of activity that you want to see: If you want people sharing links, then share links, if you want people to be posting Requests, post Requests. You will be setting the initial culture by how you and this small group posts and responds to each other.

Utilize Topics

Topics are a feature moderators (and users) can use to build collaboration within a group. Topics are similar to hashtags on Twitter and are a way to organize specific areas of content. Moderators can create topics for geographic areas in your group, interest areas, for announcements, and more.

Group moderators can create Group Suggested Topics, which will be suggested first when members create a post.


Every post is an opportunity for engagement. When creating a posts, include an inquiry or question that prompts a response. By asking questions, it can give members an opportunity to share their knowledge and contribute.

Introducing Members

Orienting new folks coming into the space by reaching out with onboarding resources.

Try introducing people to one another by @-tagging their names another on posts to encourage conversations and collaboration.

Asks and Offers

Requests and Offers are great post types to utilize to promote engagement.

Requests are designed to help members ask for what they need. People often respond positively to having roles and responsibilities. Don't be afraid to use Requests to ask for help to further your community's goals, and help each other out.

Offers are designed to help make more visible the resources in your community. Make Offers to help people become aware of important events, resources, and opportunities relevant to your group's mission.

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