Create Custom Views for your Group

This powerful feature allows group stewards to add any link they want to the left-hand navigation bar and is a great way to customize your Hylo Group.

Custom Views

Moderators can use Custom Views for:

  • Highlighting important resources or discussions in a group.

  • Creating an organized library for your community to refer to.

  • Courses! Create educational modules around specific topics.

Identify the key links for your Hylo Group!

  1. Determine your custom view

  2. Select the Icon for this view

  3. Label this view

  4. Determine the View Type. You can chose: - External Links - Posts - Card View - Posts - List View - Posts - Big Grid View - Posts - Small Grid View

  5. If you are

  6. If the View is an External Link, insert the URL

  7. Click Save Changes

Create a Collection

Group stewards can collate specific posts into a Collection that they can name and add to the group’s main navigation. To create a collection, navigate to Custom Views in your group settings and under Type, select Collection. Keep in mind, Collections are compiled with Posts that have already been created! When creating a Collection, you will search for particular posts within your Group and select the desired Posts.

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