Set up Group #Topics

Topics are specific tags to curate the conversations in your group.

  • Topics are similar to hashtags on twitter and help organize Posts so everyone stays notified on content they care about.

  • Members can add #Topics to Posts and engage in real-time chat on Topic streams.

  • Group members can follow a Topic and they will get notified when there is a new post or chats w/ that Topic.

  • All Groups will have a "General" topic which is pinned to

Group Suggested Topics

Moderators can create set default topics for their group, which will be suggested first when members create a post. Identify topics you want to suggest to your members, which should relevant to your group or your group’s purpose.

Keep in mind, all Groups will have a "General" pinned topic, which all users will be subscribed to.

Topic List Editor

You will find a list of every topic that has been created by members of your group under #Topics in Group Settings.

  • Adjacent to the #Topic, you will see a button to adjust the visibility of the topic.

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