Types of Posts

Share a post to collaborate with others on Hylo.


Share something that is important to you! What do you want to discuss with your group or the broader Hylo community?


What can your group or the Hylo community help you with? Put a request out for members in your community to offer support.

Include a timeframe for your request if its relevant. Once you've created a Request Post, you can go back and mark a request as "no longer needed" if it has been fulfilled.


What do you want to offer or share with the community? This can be something physical or a service you offer. (i.e. job offer)

You can specify a timeframe for how long your offer is available. Once you've created an Offer, you can go back and mark it as "Unavailable."


Let others know about available resources. A resource is a physical thing or digital resource that you want to share with your group. (i.e. article, book, video)

With Resource posts, you can include a timeframe. If the resource you posted is no longer available, you can go back to your post and mark it as "unavailable."


Create a project that your group or Hylo community can help you with.

With projects, you can invite members to Join, include a timeframe, a donation link, as well as a project management link (if relevant). Custom Icons will display for certain websites like Trello, Asana, GitHub, PayPal, Open Collective and more.

Others in your Group can chose to join your project, as well.


Share your event on Hylo and invite people to join. This could be a virtual or live event. With events, a timeframe is required prior to posting. You can invite people to join and RSVP.

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