The Stream is the primary interface of Hylo and is a feed of posts created by members in your Group.

Sort the Stream

Sort the stream by Latest Activity, the Post Date and by “Popular” posts, which are those with the most reactions.

Filter the Stream

Filter the stream by the post type - Discussion”, “Events”, “Offers”, “Projects”, “Requests”, or “Resources". As an example, if you chose the filter the stream by "Events," you will see a stream of events posted in the Group.

Learn more about the Types of Posts.

Adjust the Stream View

Adjust your Stream View using the icons in the upper right of the stream. Chose between between a Card view, List view, Large Grid, and Small Grid views.

Search the Stream

Search the Stream by keyword by using the magnifying glass icon.

Show "Child" Group Posts on the Stream

  • A toggle to turn on or off the aggregated display of posts from child groups (that you are a member of) in the stream of the parent group. Subgroup posts show up in the parent group stream ONLY for those who are members of that child group and parent group.

Interact with Posts on the Stream

Clicking on a Post pops it on the side so you can interact with it. Learn more about interacting with posts here.

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