Interacting with Posts

Viewing Posts

Clicking on a post will open it in a window to the right side of your screen, so that you can interact with the post. Each post shows:

  • The post typ

  • When it was posted

  • Whether it was an announcement or not

  • Comments on the post

  • Emoji Reactions

  • The #Topics used (click on a #Topic to go to the #Topic stream)

  • Which groups it was posted in (if posted in multiple groups)

Interacting with Posts

Clicking on a post will open it up on the side, so that you can interact with it.

Emoji Reactions

Respond to a Post or Comment using Emoji Reactions! Emojis live at the bottom left corner of the Post.


Write a comment on a Post by clicking on the box that says "Add a Comment"

Reply to a Comment

You can reply to a comment by text or Emoji. To reply, hover over the comment to see the icons to reply by message or Emoji.

Edit or Delete a Comment

You can edit or delete a comment you created by hovering over it - a popup will appear with the options to edit or delete it.

Tag a Member

Tag a member by typing "@" followed by the individual's name. A popup list will appear and you can select the person. They will be notified about your Post or Comment.

Copy a Post Link

If you click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the post, you will see the option to "Copy Link", which you can share. Keep in mind, only public posts can be seen by non-Hylo users.

Flagging a Post

You can flag inappropriate or offensive posts by others. Click the three vertical dots at the top right to flag a post, which will bring it to the attention of Group Moderators.

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