Saved Map Searches

Saved map searches allow you to save a view on the Map either in the Group view or Public view, so you get notifications when there is new activity within that saved area.

Navigate to the map by clicking on the world icon and notice the heart icon in the upper left corner. Clicking the heart will allow you to save this view.

As an example, say you want to save a map view of all the members in a certain bioregion.

  1. Navigate to the “Search for a location” and enter the region you want to search within

  2. Click on “Post Types” in the bottom left corner and toggle “Members” to the on position. Toggle the post types you don’t want to view on the map to the off position.

  3. Click the heart icon to and provide a title of this view.

  4. Click “Save”.

Note: You can delete this saved view by clicking on the trash can icon on the map or by accessing your Saved Searches in your account settings and clicking “Delete.”

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