#Topics organize content so everyone stays notified and up to speed on the things they care about

You will see #Topics in the bottom left corner of Hylo. Pinned #Topics are those highlighted by group moderators to ensure people pay attention to posts w/ those topics.

A red dot next to that #Topic indicates that there is new content with that #Topic.

#Topics List

Clicking on the hashtag button on the bottom left panel takes you to all the #Topics being used in a group.

Follow a #Topic

To Follow a Topic click “Subscribe”. You will receive notifications when someone creates a new Post with that #Topic. You can Unsubscribe from #Topics here as well

Sort the #Topic List

You can sort the list of #Topics by Name, Popular, or Recent #Topics.

#Topic Stream

Clicking on a #Topic takes you to its Stream with the posts and chats tagged with that #Topic.

#Topic-Based Chat

The #Topics Stream behaves like a chatroom.

  • Create a quick chat without a title

  • Tag other members, so they get notified about your chat

  • Tag other #Topics, which will make your chat appear in that other #Topic stream as well

  • Common on Post or Chat threads

  • Respond with emoji reactions

  • Edit or delete a Post or Chat you created by highlighting it and using the pencil or trashcan icon respectively

#General Channel

All groups now have a #General topic, which all members are subscribed to, this can be a home base for chat with other members not specific to a topic.

To add a #Topic to a Post, See Creating Posts

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