Link Related Groups

Hylo allows for infinitely nested groups to create a network of Groups. Groups can link with multiple Parent and Child Groups.

Nesting Groups

Is your group collaborating with other groups? Are there related parent or child groups? Are you part of any networks? This is the place to set up those connections!

Hylo allows group creators to set up a nested group structure that reflects how your group is organized in real life. For example, you can set up a main group that contains several working groups as subgroups nested within the main “Parent” group.

Click on Related Groups in Group Settings to link Groups and set up your Group/s ecosystem. Here is an example of what a network looks like:

Parent Groups

You can request to join your group to another group. The moderators of that other group will have the ability to approve or deny your request to link your group.

Child Groups

You can invite another group to join your group as a sub-group. They will be able to accept or deny your invitation.

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