Is Hylo right for my group?
Choosing a community platform is a huge decision! This page will help you explore whether Hylo is a good fit for your group.

Hylo is a prosocial community platform for purpose-driven groups. Our web and mobile apps enable discussions, requests, offers, resources, projects, events, geographic maps, rich member directories, and direct messaging.
Hylo is different from other community platforms, and not just because we’re free, open-source, and not-for-profit.

The transition to a world that works for all will require unprecedented collaboration—and powerful tools designed to support that work. For-profit, venture capital-backed platforms are not up to the task, as they:
  • Are profit driven—not relationship driven. The big social platforms are designed to extract your attention and data, turning you into the product for sale.
  • Are built for individual companies and brands—not for peer-to-peer collaboration. These platforms have no ability to create conversations that unite multiple groups in a shared context.
Learn more about the values underpinning Hylo here.

Hylo is designed to empower communities to build a world that works for everyone. It differs from other platforms in three main ways:

Hylo advances cooperation across groups, networks, movements, and landscapes. This happens through Hylo’s unique nested network architecture that allows composable group relationships. Each individual group on Hylo is an integrated whole and—at the same time—part of a larger whole. Community creators have the ability to create unlimited nested subgroups, as well as link their group to other networks they’re a part of. This ability to overcome silos and collaborate across networks is critical, as no one group can regenerate the planet single-handedly.
Nested ("Holonic") network architecture: composable group relationships, making each group a whole part of a larger whole and enabling collaboration across groups, networks, and even movements.

Hylo is stewarded by Terran Collective, a community of care and practice that builds systems and tools for a regenerative future. We are building Hylo as a tech commons, forever open source and free to use. Hylo runs as a non-profit and is resourced through donations and paid partnerships with values-aligned organizations. Our roadmap includes a plan to decentralize Hylo’s backend and data to make it more secure, resilient, and environmentally-friendly.
Terran Collective partners with Holo, the makers of Holochain, to steward Hylo.

Hylo focuses on local, bioregional organizing. Our unique geographic map feature helps people understand their shared landscape and makes it easy to connect with other people and opportunities nearby. Hylo also makes it easy to share events, projects, resources, discussions, requests, and offers based on location, and tagged with relevant topics.
Hylo's geographic map helps people understand their shared landscape and makes it easy for people to find other people, projects, and opportunities based on their own location.

Purpose-driven groups. Hylo is great for groups with a shared identity and purpose who aim to create positive change in the world.
Networked groups. Hylo works for groups of any size and excels at multi-stakeholder collaboration by making it possible to link groups together to form larger networks.
Place-based groups. Hylo is especially useful for local or bioregional groups that are grounded in place, or composed of members who are connected to the landscape.
Peer-to-peer groups. Hylo is designed for decentralized, bottom-up coordination that is needed at this time in history to address our biggest challenges.
Non-profit organizations. All kinds of non-profits use Hylo to communicate internally as well as with their wider network of members. Hylo is a powerful way to activate your supporters.
Educational content, courses. Groups like Prosocial.World and the Buckminster Fuller Institute have successfully run courses on Hylo. We plan to expand the capacity for groups to run courses by integrating an open-source learning management platform, such as Moodle, sometime in 2022.
We hope this is helpful! Please reach out to [email protected] if you’d like more help assessing if Hylo is right for you. This page is adapted with permission from “Learn More About Hylo”, an article written by Tjin Tjoelker for the Regeneration Ecosystem community.
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Hylo is created for peer-to-peer, networked collaboration.
Hylo is designed to help purpose-driven communities thrive.
Is Hylo right for my group?
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